CDH’s 5 Star Service mantra serves as the basis for all our decisions.  All that we do supports this corporate mantra: on our website, in our office décor, and most importantly in our everyday interactions with each other as well as our clients.

One might ask, what is the foundation of this 5 Star Service Philosophy?  Our decisions and actions align with our clients’ goals and objectives.

This philosophy must be developed internally before it can be developed externally.  The passion and enthusiasm that we have for our people, products and services is then conveyed to our clients.  Through listening, hearing, and proactively anticipating our clients’ needs, we develop an atmosphere that promotes trust and loyal relationships.

We see examples of 5 Star Service daily in our office.  People helping people above and beyond the normal expectation.

The IT department working on our server after hours and on a few occasions all night so that our daily routine was not interrupted.

A  Partner driving to an elderly client’s house to pick up all his tax documents and returning with the finished product so he could answer questions.  Then retrieving his client’s signature and then putting the return in the mail for the client.

The Tax department working around the clock to meet a client’s already tight deadline after important information was uncovered at the last minute.

Our Managing Partner and our Audit Principle visiting a client to let them know how much their partnership means to us.

These are just a few examples of our 5 Star Service in action.

As in beauty, customer service is in the eye of the beholder.  We would love to hear your stories of 5 Star Service.