Recognizing the Silent Wheel

Posted: February 13, 2017 - Human Resources

Recognizing the Squeaky Silent Wheel

At the core of most HR professionals is a deep desire to watch others develop into leaders within our organizations.  Seeing greatness in candidates and being proven right as they flourish and become integral parts of our organizations’ vision for the future brings us joy and job satisfaction.  For some, the word leader conjures up images of a person with a charismatic personality that stands out in front of the masses delivering rousing speeches that stir the soul.  In reality, we are surrounded by leaders that inspire and develop others, but many prefer to fly under the radar – never even recognizing themselves as a leader.

I recently reflected on many people that fit that description at CDH, P.C. and felt inspired by one particular story.  Lorean Sneed was hired just before I joined the company by a hiring manager that recognized her potential.  Lorean works tirelessly providing payroll services for our clients; she has a vast amount of experience yet remains humble and downplays her contribution at every turn.  The inspiring part of her story is that she naturally demonstrates the textbook “servant leadership style” without the realization that she is a leader in our firm.

Lorean has spearheaded a service line that has shown year over year growth over the last four years and has been included in our firm’s growth plan for 2017.  As a servant leader, she values others’ input, is quick to recognize and encourage those around her, makes selfless decisions that help others shine, and always sees herself in a support role, but takes ownership when an issue arises.  Because Lorean acts with humility, she may not fully recognize the positive impact she has made on our firm, but the growth of her service line is confirmation that her leadership style is working.

My hope is anyone reading this post will take a moment to recognize the silent wheel in your organization – let them know they are noticed and appreciated.


Lee Arnsman

Lee is the CDH Senior Manager of HR and Administration