IT Consulting Services

Your technology infrastructure can make or break the profitability and growth trajectory of your entire business. Try to stretch inadequate systems beyond their capabilities and you’ll hamstring your ability to quickly and appropriately respond to changing market conditions. On the other hand, over-investing in technology you don’t need or aren’t ready for is a waste of capital that may in fact lead to further business process inefficiencies.

Instead, trust CDH to find the right-sized solutions that set the stage for the growth and profitability your business is capable of. As a certified Microsoft partner, we deliver best-in-class service at a cost-effective price – making a difference for your entire organization.

CDH IT Consulting Services

Our Goal: To create a technology foundation that facilitates collaboration, makes you and your employees more productive, and aligns with your strategic business goals.

Our Services: We specialize in these technology offerings:

  • Office 365: We can help configure the Office 365 system across all of your terminals and devices – including hosted email and project collaboration tools – to facilitate effective and efficient office communications and project workflows.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: We will ensure the resiliency of your business with secure, off-site data storage and a comprehensive recovery plan.
  • IT Infrastructure Design & Management: Turn to CDH for right-sized technology solutions that fit your budget and provide high levels of security for your hardware and software applications.
  • IT Budget Planning: Appropriate budgeting and project management from CDH helps to ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget.
    Need further help to round out your IT team? Our innovative, cost-effective and scalable program may be the solution you need.

Contact our IT Manager, Steve Weging, to learn more.