Fraud & Forensic Accounting Services

fraud-and-forensic-services-cdh-itasca-illinoisNo one likes surprises. But when it comes to the human element of business, risk is inherent. CDH brings the specific expertise that helps you uncover these potential risks and limit the impact of actual breaches.

The Manager in charge of our Fraud and Forensics Services Group, Brian Davidson, is a CPA and CFE with more than a decade of experience. Brian and his team of fraud and forensic accounting experts will work with you to identify, assess and mitigate the risks that currently exist in your business and to implement a successful risk prevention and management program. Any instances of known or suspected fraud will be handled with care, ensuring you are able to deal with it discreetly, effectively and efficiently.

As a result of our services, you’ll gain greater awareness of the risks your business faces, documentation to support management action and oversight, an enhanced work environment for employees, and a stronger reputation in the market.

The unfortunate truth is that occupational fraud does happen. If it should happen to you, you’ll need a plan. Make sure your plan includes CDH.

CDH Fraud & Forensic Accounting Services

Our Goal: To provide you with a strong foundation for action and oversight – resulting in fewer blind spots and greater peace of mind for management.

Our Services: CDH’s capabilities include:

  • Fraud Risk Management Services: We will help you establish internal initiatives to promote an anti-fraud culture within your company, including:
    • Fraud prevention/detection controls
    • Documented policies and procedures for investigating and responding to suspected or known instances of fraud
    • Fraud risk assessment process, including risk of non-compliance with applicable laws
  • Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting Services: Should an instance of fraud be suspected, CDH will:
    • Establish the fact of fraud
    • Quantify the loss
    • Identify the individuals involved
    • Gather and protect the evidence
    • Conduct interviews
    • Prepare a defensible report for management and the courts, if needed

To learn more contact Wendy Kelly, Principal of Assurance Services, today.