Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services

Many companies do not have enough full-time internal audit staff to meet every internal audit need. If you do not have the staff capability to conduct an internal audit of your company, consider the internal control co-sourcing services of CDH. You will gain a professional partner with specialized knowledge as part of your team – allowing you to retain responsibility for the internal audit process while also saving significant costs.

Our expertise makes us different from other CPA firms. We can provide the local presence and critical technical skills that your organization needs. We integrate with your team for maximum continuity. And because we always take a long-term focus to every business relationship, we’ll help you benchmark specific issues for ongoing, continual improvement.

CDH Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services

Our Goal: To help you maximize organizational resources and save costs.

Our Services: Trust CDH to provide:

  • Flexibility of labor cost
  • Local industry knowledge
  • Close communication with your team
  • Flexibility in scope of work

Contact our internal audit services expert Wendy Kelly to learn more today.