State & Local Tax Planning & Preparation Services

U.S. tax regulations are complex and volatile. Factor in the need to manage state and local tax requirements, and your company is faced with an enormous, time-consuming challenge. CDH can take that challenge out of your hands.

We continually monitor the state and local taxes that impact your business, including income, sales and use, franchise, net worth, gross receipts and more. We can help you navigate the state and local tax planning process – from determining the appropriate jurisdiction in which your business should file, to determining which portion of your income or transactions are eligible to be taxed, to determining whether affiliated companies must join in the filing of a single state return.

Trust CDH to be more than just a tax preparer. Instead, we are your partner and strategic solutions provider. We will regularly consult with you throughout the year, ensuring you have the timely insights you need to fulfill your requirements and take full advantage of all possible tax credits, exemptions and abatements.

CDH State & Local Tax Services

  • Our Goal: To help you plan and execute a thoughtful, deliberate state and local tax strategy that will minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your cash flow.
  • Our Services: CDH offers assistance with such difficult issues as:
  • Exposure Analysis: We will determine if you are filing everywhere you should, and if not, how much additional taxes are owed.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements: We will negotiate with states to reduce potential past taxes you may owe due to failure to file a state return.
  • Tax Controversies: We will handle notices, audits and protests resulting from disagreements between your company and state and local governments as to the amount of tax property due.
  • Research: We will determine the tax impact of transactions and corporate restructuring or formation.
  • Due Diligence: We will verify that a company to be sold has no unreported state tax liabilities.
  • Reverse Audits: We will examine your company’s records to determine if you are eligible for potential refunds of sales and/or income taxes.
  • Credits and Incentives: We provide strategic guidance as to whether state tax benefits might be available for companies contemplating a move or expansion

To learn more, please contact our Tax Principal, Dan Duncan, today.