International Transfer Pricing Services

When you operate on a global scale, tax issues may arise as you allocate a price for goods and services transferred within your company from one country to another. This is called transfer pricing. Because transfer pricing can represent a major tax burden, it is a critical consideration when reorganizing your company’s business structures.

Transfer pricing studies can help minimize your overall tax liabilities while still following U.S. tax law. With the risk of double taxation, stiff penalties and interest on tax underpayments, not to mention the potential for litigation, there’s simply no room for error! The timely preparation of a reasonable transfer pricing study is the only way to avoid penalties if a transfer pricing adjustment exceeds certain penalty thresholds.

CDH is one of the rare CPA firms – even among large accounting firms – that brings specific transfer pricing expertise to the table. Over 50 companies trust CDH with their transfer pricing documentation. We bring clarity to this complicated process, and we help ensure that all transfer decisions are made from the most strategic vantage point.

Any business that conducts inter-company transfers between countries should have a transfer pricing study completed. In fact, CDH urges every mid-sized company that has not conducted a transfer pricing study within the past two years to thoroughly review their situation in order to comply with changing IRS requirements.

CDH International Transfer Pricing Services

Our Goal: To provide you with the insights that will allow you to confidently make decisions that optimize your income.

Our Services: We will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive Transfer Pricing Study, which includes:
    • A functional and economic analysis
    • Identification of related party transactions
    • Selection of the most appropriate transfer pricing method
  • Help you file all required disclosures to the IRS
  • Should an audit be necessary, our experience and thorough documentation can provide the support you need for a positive outcome.

To learn more, please contact our Transfer Pricing Sr. Manager, Yoko Yamamoto, today.