We Do Business Differently

At CDH, we know there is a better way to find success. We do business differently, so we can set a higher standard.

  • Solutions Mindset: We are more than just a CPA firm; we are a single-source provider of solutions that add value to your business over the long term.
  • Pricing in advance: With our Fixed Pricing Agreements, you always know up front what you’re paying for, so we can concentrate on our relationship and your business – rather than the invoice.
  • Strategic Expertise: We proactively identify needs, deliver solutions and exceed expectations across the breadth of your business.
  • Growth Focus: We help you overcome obstacles and grow your businesses the right way.


What We Believe

The CDH Vision: We are committed to innovation, communication and living our core values; dedicated to supporting employee dreams and being difference-makers for our clients and the community; and fostering honest, meaningful and lasting relationships with those who share our values.

The CDH Mission: To deliver a five-star experience to our clients and our team members.


Five-Star Service

  • Connecting: We build meaningful relationships through ongoing and proactive communication, which fosters trust, care and confidence.
  • Communicating: We focus on careful preparation and attention to detail as we work with our team members to understand the project at hand.
  • Delivering: Understanding that the perception of value is highest at the moment of delivery, we establish a continued dialogue as we strive to meet and exceed expectations.
  • Enhancing: Because you reap what your sow, we look for opportunities to enhance the experience of the process through continual improvement.
  • Anticipating: Your long-term trust and respect are based on our ability to anticipate your needs and be ready with timely, accurate solutions.


CDH may not be the right choice for every client. But if you want to be challenged, are willing to accept risks to earn even bigger rewards, and seek to build a better model of success, then CDH is the only partner for you. Click here to learn more about the outstanding principals and directors you will work with at CDH.