Sage Intacct

In today’s fast-paced markets, a CFO must be able to make real-time decisions that impact an entire organization. This requires two essential elements — speed and savvy.



Enter CDH. Our breadth of services and solutions allow you to quickly and accurately analyze trusted data so you can eliminate risk, respond to opportunity, and set the stage for growth.

Our cloud-based Sage Intacct software provides analysis at your fingertips of your most important business metrics so you can focus on what matters most — your bottom line.

Being a Tech Savvy CFO: What’s The Impact For Your Company?
The more you can see, the faster you can respond. We care about the things that matter to you. And we’ve shaped our solutions around your successes. Here’s how our Sage Intacct software can make a difference in your business:

  • Access Trusted Data in Real-Time
  • Accelerate Business Goals
  • Eliminate Risk
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Seize Important Opportunities
  • Grow Stronger, Faster

How CDH Can Help and Why We’re Different
Technology isn’t slowing down and you can’t either. In our dynamic business world, successful companies must continually prepare for and adapt to new business situations. We are more than just your run of the mill accounting firm, we provide accounting and business consulting services that allow you to think smarter, respond quicker and grow faster.

Here’s How it Applies to YOU
Wherever you are, we can help. Whether Professional Services, Nonprofits, or Distribution, the breadth of our expertise in key industries is unmatched.



Industry examples for which Sage Intacct fits

General Franchise

With our help you can oversee the health of your entire franchise business, while allowing each franchise to function as an independent unit. With real-time information accessible anytime, from anywhere you will have the ability to access financial performance at each location that rolls up into a comprehensive snapshot. This kind of visibility allows you to see your business in a different way, saving you time and money so you can efficiently manage your operations and increase productivity.


Customer satisfaction is your number one concern and ours too. We can help you operate multiple-property hotel, entertainment businesses, restaurant chains and more that allow you to automate your accounting and financial management, give you greater visibility to your overall business so you can make decisions that increase profitability and allows you to focus on the customer service that drives your business.


Your mission matters and we can help you pursue it. We can provide a clearer picture on the health of your organization so you can make smarter decisions that allow you to further your purpose. With real-time insights you can decide which initiatives benefit you the most and take action to improve funding sources, locations, grants, programs and more.

Professional Services

Selling services requires much more insight than selling goods. Your goals, your workforce and your customer needs are constantly shifting. We can help you adapt to these ever-changing dynamics so you can minimize risk and are positioned for success. We deliver insights and flexible reporting that allow you to view your business metrics in any dimension – you can drill down to the finest details, or take a top-level global view. This automated system does not require expensive customization and often integrates with existing salesforce software giving you a fast, easy way to manage your busy and make decisions about future goals and markets.

Software and SaaS

It’s time to drive growth not just keep up with it. We give you visibility into your entire business, not just pieces of it. This kind of perspective allows you to drive change and make proactive choices that put you ahead of your competition.

Wholesale Distribution

Operational performance is your most important task and ours too. Optimizing inventory, streamlining purchasing, managing multiple locations are all on your to do list. We can help you automate these complex procedures, and gain real-time actionable insights into performance that allow you to adapt to the changes in your business. You can view your metrics anyway you’d like – across warehouse locations, product lines, inventory status and more. You can create a picture of your most profitable channels and customers and make real time decisions from wherever you are that bolster the health of your business without having to hire additional staff or get bogged down in outdated spreadsheets.

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