State and Local Tax

U.S. tax regulations are complex and constantly evolving at both the state and local levels, and managing their requirements can be a time-consuming challenge.

CDH constantly monitors these changing rules across all 50 states for clients and identifies their impact so businesses can react quickly and effectively. CDH stays on top of regulatory changes in income, sales and use, and franchise tax, as well as net worth and gross receipts, among others.

With our highly technical tax expertise, we effectively navigate the state and local tax planning process by creating strategies that help businesses maintain compliance, mitigate risk, and uncover opportunities for tax savings and refunds. We determine the appropriate jurisdiction in which your business should file, identify the portions of your income or transactions that are tax-eligible, and determine whether affiliated companies must join in the filing of a single state return.

As a strategic partner, CDH regularly consults with you throughout the year, ensuring you have the insights you need to fulfill your requirements in a timely manner and take full advantage of all possible tax credits, exemptions and abatements.

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