Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing, the act of allocating a price for goods and services transferred within your company between countries, can present major tax burdens for companies. Yet the regulations and tax implications surrounding transfer pricing are complicated at best.

CDH’s highly sophisticated transfer pricing experts can help you navigate the complex transfer pricing rules by conducting a transfer pricing study. In this study, we do a functional and economic analysis of your company, identify related party transactions and the select the most appropriate transfer pricing method for you. We also file all the required disclosures to the IRS.

In today’s quickly changing tax regulatory environment, tax authorities worldwide are placing a high priority on ensuring transfer pricing rules are enforced. As a result, transfer pricing is a critical consideration when reorganizing your company’s business structures.

CDH’s transfer pricing study provides you with the insights you need to confidently make decisions that optimize your income, while also staying in compliance with these complex transfer pricing laws.

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