International Tax Services


Expanding into international markets can often present complicated taxation hurdles for business. CDH’s team of highly experienced international tax specialists helps you identify, understand and properly mitigate important international taxation issues, as well as overcome complex challenges.

We offer inbound and outbound tax planning for both U.S.-based and international corporations—helping you plan and execute a tax strategy tailored to your business needs to minimize your tax liabilities and strategically position your global organization for maximum growth and profitability.

CDH bring a wide range of offerings to our international tax clients—including global tax structuring, foreign tax credit and incentive planning, indirect tax planning, and repatriation and export incentive planning, to name only a few. As your solutions provider, we strategically partner with you to ensure you have timely insights to make the right decisions for your business and stay in compliance with all applicable international tax laws.


Employees working abroad often face complicated tax filing requirements that can create regulatory concerns for both the employees and your business. Drawing from years of international tax experience, CDH tax consultant can effectively manage these challenges by helping you develop appropriate policies for working abroad.

We offer a range of tax services for international employees—including Individual tax return preparation and filing; tax exclusions, credits and deductions planning and compliance; and reporting foreign financial accounts (FBAR), to name only a few—to help you and your employees optimize their international tax liabilities. Additionally, we ensure that all aspects of your HR policies—including salary, bonuses and benefits packages—are compliant with local regulations, as well as with U.S. immigration and visa requirements.

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