Business Advisory Services

CDH provides outsourced services and state-of-the-art software capabilities that support your front-end and back-end operations so you can focus on what matters most: moving your business forward.

From bookkeeping, accounting and payroll management to executive-level financial services, CDH has years of experience providing a full suite of outsourced business advisory support to organizations.

Our diverse expertise, software capabilities and business acumen integrates seamlessly into your business, allowing CDH’s seasoned professionals to keep companies on the path to success and help drive the business forward.

Why Choose CDH

Get the True Picture

CDH’s proven processes in bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and much more gives an organization clear visibility into its business operations—informing the critical decisions that will move the company forward.

Reduce Risk

Increased transparency not only leads to efficiencies in overall business operations, but also limits the risk of financial errors and fraud.

Focus on What Matters Most

Our outsourced support and software capabilities keeps businesses front-end and back-end operations running efficiently so companies can focus on what most important to stakeholders: growth.

Proven Track Record

IRS Whistleblower Rule Applies to FBAR Penalty

Support cross-border life If IRS finds that you willfully did not report your foreign financial accounts in FBAR, under the 31 U.S.C. 532(a)(5)(c), the maximum penalty you face is higher of $129,210 or 50% of the amount in 2021. [i] This is a very serious penalty...

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