Executive Focus

One Partner. Endless Ways To Grow.

Using our Executive Focus solution, we can help you transform your business and create sustainable growth. We offer the tools and advisory services that help management teams improve their company’s business performance. Working with CDH as a single source solution means that we can grow with you as your needs change and identify immediate needs you may not have considered. This process is not project or task oriented, but rather a long term relationship where we communicate with your senior management team to improve all aspects of your company’s performance.

Why You Need This

Technology isn’t slowing down and you can’t either. Companies either improve or regress because competition is always working to upgrade their performance.  In our dynamic business world, successful companies must continually prepare for and adapt to new business situations.

Areas of Performance We Measure


How it Works

We examine operations first as a whole then identify workable solutions to specific problems or for areas that require improvement. Our holistic approach analyzes all activities that are fundamental to your company’s performance. You will see the results reflected across your entire organization in a way that grows your business.

  • We develop a custom set of business metrics that represents the organization’s function as a whole.
  • We focus on Key Performance Indicators that clearly reflect efficiencies and value add capabilities.
  • We offer monthly executive meetings facilitated by an experienced business professional that keeps the process alive.

What to Expect

Most importantly, you can expect success. The key to success is continual improvement that engages everyone on the team. We use what you have. We don’t require any extra data, we give you an expert analysis of your existing business information. We conduct regular management meetings that help keep the process alive and members engaged. This open forum allows us to establish an integrated performance measurement system, key performance indicators, make enhancements to management by objective (MBO) and management by exception (MBE), and foster team building.

We transform your data into useful information by converting it into easy to understand graphics. This allows everyday users to identify key trends immediately. Our visual performance displays and regular monitoring serve as an early warning system that makes adjustments possible and meaningful.

The results speak for themselves. Here are some of the ways to measure the impact of our collaborative work:

  • A better understanding of your business and the forces that influence growth
  • Clearer objectives
  • Regular measurement of progress toward company goals
  • Improved internal communications
  • Better decision making
  • Superior integration of functional areas
  • Operational efficiency
  • Improved Profitability
  •  Well defined action items that hold people accountable

Let’s Get Started
You start by providing us with reports currently being prepared to run the company such as the income statement, balance sheet, and operating reports. We will review these statements and begin the process of interacting with the management team to set key objectives and metrics.

To learn more, please contact the Senior Manager of Management Consulting, Matt Wirth, or call 262.784.4040 today.