Comprehensive Accounting Solutions from CDH

The hardest part of growing a business isn’t necessarily finding new clients and signing new contracts. The real obstacles come after new business appears and companies have to expand their operations to meet bigger obligations. Maintaining the same speed, service,...

4 Steps to Qualify for R&D Tax Credits

Many people think that R&D tax credits only apply to companies that require lab coats to be worn at the office. But the definition has evolved greatly over the years to include not only companies that manufacture and develop software, but companies in various...

KI Testimonials

“We consider CDH’s Executive Focus to be a key component of our success and would recommend it to any company wishing to improve their understanding of their business and financial measures.” — Nick Guerrieri, CFO/Treasurer, KI

Camcraft Testimonial

“The Executive Focus charts have been a great tool for us and are a very effective way to monitor our business. I highly recommend CDH’s services.” — Mike Bertsche, CEO, Camcraft