Plug and Play is a capability developed by Microsoft for its operating systems first developed in the 90’s. It gives users the ability to plug a device into a computer and have the computer recognize that the device is there….the user doesn’t have to tell the computer anything. This is a continuing trend where users expect user friendly software, devices, and UI’s. This concept applies to cloud accounting systems too….they need to relate to this “plug in play” model by creating user-friendly configuration options to set up the financial environment.

Sage Intacct mirrors this philosophy as it is based on configuring modules rather than rely on complex scripting to extend the software like some competitors in the cloud accounting space. Here are three fundamental benefits to the configuration model

  • User-friendly report configuration
    • Use drag and drop to add columns, rows, custom fields, metrics to reports
  • Tailored user experience
    • Edit layouts to mandate required fields, create “smart rules” that validate data values
  • Flexible document workflow automation
    • Create unique workflows on the fly without IT involvement
    • Increase efficiency by automating unique document workflows – without custom scripting