How do you know when your accounting system is running well? Unfortunately, there is no standard measurement of health for an accounting system: no blood pressure, BMI, or pulse check. However, here are some points to consider this month during your month-end close cycle:

  • Could you benefit from a shorter month-end close process by automating time-consuming, manual steps?
  • Are your financial reports accurate/dependable?
  • Are you spending too much time gathering/managing data rather than spending this time on deeper business performance analysis?
  • Are delayed/untrustworthy financial reports forcing you to rely on intuition when making business decisions?

Sage Intacct can improve your accounting process for every concern above by automating key financial processes to eliminate errors and also by providing real time dashboard reports for better and quicker decision making. Think of Sage Intacct as a competitive advantage giving your company a clearer path to better, visible results to drive your business forward.

Your accounting health score is a tool for making the right decisions for the firm, such as a cloud accounting system. Selecting a strategic cloud accounting system like Sage Intacct will set in motion the downstream data, reporting, and dashboard necessary to bring your firm to the next level.

So don’t delay any longer…make this the last month your accounting system needs a pulse check! Make an appointment to learn more about Sage Intacct today!