Being “comfortable” is risky…….with outdated Excel reporting on key financial metrics

Most accounting staff have used and developed reports off Excel.  It’s a global tool but often will mutate into different versions of reality, especially when formulas are derived from many different users/sources. There are definite risks in making key business decisions off a spreadsheet developed and possibly shared across various financial users. Sage Intacct gives you a controlled and secure environment to run standard or custom reports……one source of truth.

  • Data integrity: there’s always the risk of human error with Excel
  • Improve collaboration: schedule reports and communicate out to key staff to make better/faster decisions with complete transparency
  • Introduce flexibility: insights into historical and current data, drill down to transactions for necessary detail
  • Value added time: spend your time analyzing data rather than time consuming compilation of data
  • Real time: your reports are current, not based on older data from Excel

Sage Intacct provides the business intelligence tools to take your company to the next level. It is cloud based 24/7 and gives key users access via any device to drive the right decisions.