In 1975, a researcher named Steven Sasson, working for Eastman Kodak built the first digital camera. He saw the potential for this new device and told executives it would compete with film in the next 15-20 years. Eastman Kodak then developed the first commercially viable digital camera in 1989 but executives never got behind it, they were too invested in their cash cow: film. In 2004, digital camera sales overtook film and by 2012 Kodak declared bankruptcy. An American icon gone by staying the course.

Change and innovation is difficult for most companies, most leaders miss the threat of disruption until it’s too late. Today it’s the ability to take calculated risks, accept that failure may be a possibility in order to grow. Technology is often over rated in the short term but sneaks up over the long term to dramatically change an industry.

Cloud ERP/accounting software like Sage Intacct embrace change as every year 4 new releases come out to enhance their product and keep abreast of market changes. This ability is key for the future to scale and grow your business as new requirements come into play based on market. Unfortunately many companies today are still stuck in older on premise systems with releases that are not up to date because its now part of their comfort zone, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sage Intacct can take your company to the next level, it only requires a change in mindset.