The hardest part of growing a business isn’t necessarily finding new clients and signing new contracts. The real obstacles come after new business appears and companies have to expand their operations to meet bigger obligations. Maintaining the same speed, service, quality, and consistency you’re known for – just on a larger scale – catches a lot of companies off guard.

This is especially true in the finance department. As companies grow, their accountants have to take on larger and more complex workloads and face bigger consequences if the work is not performed perfectly. Hiring more accountants is the obvious solution, but in a time of low unemployment and competitive labor markets, finding – and retaining — a qualified accounting professional isn’t easy. Without that accountant, however, it may be impossible to serve more clients. Growth stalls out because of something as simple as talent shortages.

So what if finding talent was never an issue? CDH is a full-service outsourced accounting firm with a deep roster of professional accountants across specialties. Instead of trying (and possibly failing) to make new hires, companies call on us to fulfill whatever accounting obligations are in front of them. It could be a one-off project, a recurring routine, or a major accounting initiative – our team is flexible enough to meet your specific needs, now and later. We can also provide a full range of accounting services from basic bookkeeping to CFO/controller duties. If you need any kind of accounting assistance, consider all that we can offer:

  • Tax – Taxes don’t have to be baffling or risky. Our team can tackle tax planning and compliance, international tax law, transfer pricing, and M&As. We can also help you understand state and local taxes, get ahead of succession planning, or calculate valuations. Perhaps most importantly, we can represent you at IRS audits. 
  • Assurance & Accounting – Let us handle the most time and labor-intensive workloads so that your accountants can focus on other things. We can assist you with everything from J-Sox compliance to fiduciary training to forensic/fraud services. If you need specialized assistance, we can also provide employee benefit plan audits, internal audit co-sourcing, and personalized business consulting. The diversity and experience of our team makes it easy to handle any issue related to assurance or accounting.    
  • Advisory – CDH will help you fine-tune your business and perfect your strategy with expert advisory services. Consultants are available to explore governance and risk advisory, IT, recruiting, or cash flow, among other topics. We can also take the lead on corporate training or work directly with your executives. 

Our goal is not to outline every service we offer. Rather, we want to show you how outsourcing can help you meet a number of challenges created by growth (or lack thereof). Insufficient talent and inadequate accounting never have to be obstacles again. You don’t need to make any major commitments either – outsource as much or as little as your business requires without long-term commitments. When you’re ready to have a conversation about your specific needs, contact CDH.