Barry Coyne

Universities today don’t want you to know about adjunct professors – no chance of tenure, no benefits, a race to the bottom as colleges try to mitigate teaching costs as they compete for a diminishing student population. Just like choosing the right university or college with knowledge of  tenured/non-tenured/adjunct teaching staff – small and medium sized businesses need to select the right ERP software and especially, the right team.

Before you pick an ERP solution make sure that you know all the team members who will be implementing and supporting the solution. Find out if you’re getting the A team or B team, are they all certified, etc……many ERP vendors will quote very aggressively to get their foot in the door, but their A team is not included. Ask to meet team members in person or via conference call before making the final decision. Price can be deceiving and if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

CDH/Sage Intacct has professional accounting staff and are certified for Sage Intacct implementation, in addition, we partner with experts for API’s or specific niches like non-profits too.