The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land and there has been minimal “noise” regarding ACA in the recent past.  However, in D.C. there remains a lot of chatter about the fate of ACA, especially with some politicians calling for Medicare for All.

OneDigital’s compliance team will be holding an ACA & Compliance Seminar on June 6th at 9:00 in Rosemont.  The seminar will be led by Annette Bechtold (SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives) who is an exceptional speaker and provides really good insight.


The seminar will cover the following:

Employee Benefits Reform Road Trip: Rewind, Press Play, Fast Forward

Employee benefits compliance is ever-changing with the introduction of new legislation and regulations. Join us for an update on recent legislative and regulatory proposals and changes.


During this session, attendees will learn:

• Latest Developments on Health Care Reform

• Proposed Federal Legislation Impacting Your Employee Benefits

• Newly Issued Federal Employee Benefits Regulations

• Emerging Legal Cases and Agency Guidance

• Preeminent State Law Issues


To register, please go to:


If you have any questions, please contact John Jaeger at One Digital Health and Benefits; [email protected]