As the college basketball season kicks into high gear I am struck by the similarities between the elements it takes to create a championship basketball team and the expectations of a recruiter working for any business.  Being an HR professional, I spend a great deal of time recruiting for my firm and our valued clients.   I find myself energized in reflecting on what recruiting does for companies and how that relates to principles of basketball- especially as tournament time approaches.

 Top Four Similarities

1. Need to Recruit Top Talent to Meet the Team’s Needs

One thing all championship teams have in common is their ability to attract and retain top talent. However, top talent is not the entire picture.  What is required is diverse talent to create a broad range of skills to meet the needs on the court.  There are countless candidates that are qualified to perform the job duties, but as a recruiter we need to recognize which of these candidates will best fit our team dynamics and prepare us to respond effectively to demands on the job.

2. Having a Great Game Plan and System

Generally, the teams with the most success have a solid game plan in place.  They realize the importance of having a system that everyone understands and adheres to for the season.  Recruiting should follow the same principles.  Having a system to follow that is efficient and doesn’t have lapses of time is crucial.  As the pressure intensifies during a game or real-life business situation, having a system in place will give everyone the confidence to execute and ensure success.  Unnecessary slowdowns can lose a game.

3. Learning from Mistakes

Very few teams make it to the tournament being undefeated so anticipate some mistakes along the way.  The key is realizing the hiring mistakes you made, making adjustments, and using your new insight to improve the overall strength of the team moving forward.

4. Tapping into Fan Support

Often the most successful teams have a huge base following of fans and alumni that create a high energy culture.  Relying on, and tapping into that culture is essential to build momentum and a winning organization that continuously attracts top talent.  The more engaged the company and fans are in the overall recruiting process, the more success the team will enjoy.

Enjoy the upcoming tournament and consider how you can engage in the recruiting process to help develop a championship team for your organization.


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