Executive Focus

One Partner to Grow Your Business

CDH’s Executive Focus solution provides business consulting that helps companies transform performance and sustain long-term growth. As a single-source provider, we develop long-lasting relationships with your senior management team—working closely with you to identify your immediate and future business needs, and grow with you as those needs evolve.

Why Executive Focus

As technology is constantly evolving, business must continuously modify operations to maintain their competitive edge. With our single-source Executive Focus solution, we keep our finger on the pulse—ensuring businesses continually upgrade their performance to adapt to new market situations.

How Executive Focus works

CDH takes a holistic approach in implementing the Executive Focus solution:

    1. We start by examining your company’s operations as a whole, quickly identifying specific problems or concerns and zeroing in on those that have the biggest impact on your business’ success.
    2. We then develop a set of company-centric metrics to monitor performance and identify Key Performance Indicators that reflect efficiencies.
    3. We also meet monthly with your senior management team to discuss and address the latest concerns or trends—ensuring necessary adjustments and improvements are always being made.

Executive Focus brings value to your business

Continual improvement is key to growth and success, and Executive Focus allows companies to constantly monitor and improve their business operations—and ultimately stay ahead of the competition.

Companies that use Executive Focus will:

  • Achieve a better understanding of their business and what fosters growth
  • Identify clear objectives to support that growth
  • Regularly measure progress toward business goals
  • Improve internal communications
  • Be better informed when making important business decisions
  • Create efficiencies throughout company operations
  • Define action items for accountability
  • Improve profitability

CDH’s Executive Focus solutions was acquired in December 2015 from Heath Corporation with the desire to expand service lines offered to better serve clients. Heath Corporation brings 50+ years of management consulting expertise and the merger creates a unique alternative for clients who value building lasting relationships and service.

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