Most people think of innovation as a ground breaking, disrupting event but in reality there are different types of innovation. Making something better does not require a clean-sheet approach to create – take your current baseline and innovate in steps to get value add and buy-in. There are examples of this in many businesses where a product is languishing today and a fresh approach is needed to shift the needle. It’s called Step Innovation.

Cloud accounting systems, like Sage Intacct, are an example of step innovation. Moving from an outdated QuickBooks desktop server environment to the cloud with Sage Intacct is an innovation both in the IT security and financial reporting realm. Think of “server in the back room” security as the responsibility of your local IT support team….it may be 1 or a team of 3-4 individuals. Now compare that to the cloud where there are thousands of IT security personnel monitoring the entire eco-system. Which one is more effective in securing your data assets?

Dumping data from QuickBooks to a spreadsheet is rife with multiple versions of the truth……better to innovate with a custom dashboard by roles and unique KPI’s via Sage Intacct. You’re getting real value by changing your thinking and using step innovation.

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