Narrow AI works fine for chess or the game of Go because there are a defined set of rules to follow and multiple game scenarios that can be run to fine tune the best strategies/outcome. The rub comes with general AI where the rules are not so defined. For example, why are the driverless tests in Phoenix and not in Boston? It’s because of the variables – Arizona has consistent sunny weather most of the year where lane lines are visible with minimal weather events. Can you imagine a driverless car in Boston where snow, ice or fog would ultimately confuse the cameras and algorithms because the lane lines are gone? General AI still has a long way to go…..

Beginning accounting systems like QuickBooks are a lot like narrow AI – it’s a starting point for a new business but it’s not the final solution. As your business grows and scales you’ll need a cloud accounting solution like Sage Intacct. It’s an upgrade from relying on Excel spreadsheets where past or erroneous data causes poor business decisions. Sage Intacct is real time with interactive dashboards for every key role in the organization, it handles the right views so you can drive the business forward, even in Boston.

Barry Coyne