Is your business moving the needle, experimenting with new ideas/technologies or just playing it safe for another year?

Many companies are tied to old practices that are comfortable, for example, a company can get better at closing the books every period, tying up transactions and creating necessary JE’s to make sure everything is in balance. They can also continue using older technologies like QuickBooks because it was their first system and no one is pushing for better, just same old. Minor improvements are not going to keep a company competitive as the market will force new insights, new competitors into the mix.

The new focus in transforming financial data is tied to the power of dashboards in real time, not looking at financial data that is 20-30 days old which has been pushed to Excel by multiple parties. Breaking these habits will give companies a new way of doing business. Sage Intacct is driving companies to get creative with dashboard KPI’s, trend charts, and custom reports that can push a company to the next level. Dashboards by role focus in on what needs to be done today, this week, this month so better and quicker decisions are made to keep the company competitive.

The culture of playing it safe no longer works in today’s business environment, moving the needle does.