May 18, 2020

There’s a difference between wanting to check your email, Facebook notifications and spending your time well. Years ago business people were addicted to Blackberries, now they are addicted to their iPhone. Today designers need to consider the downstream impact of the initial design. Alan Cooper has called for “ancestor thinking” which is not just whether a product works but also the implications of that design and how it will affect our behavior and environment long term.

Financial system design is similar in nature. QuickBooks is a user design for new businesses starting out, it works at a basic level. However, the downstream impact is usually not considered: reliance on Excel for reporting, lack of flexibility for new business requirements, manual workarounds that take additional time and cause errors. The front end works but the back end visibility for decision making is lacking, for example, multiple versions of the truth with Excel spreadsheets to make key decisions.

Sage Intacct is designed to scale, provide real time data insights and meet new business requirements as the business landscape grows and becomes more complex. Today financial accounting design with Sage Intacct matters more than ever. It’s leverage of dimensions make for a more robust chart of accounts, as well as more flexible reporting. It takes into account the how real time value will be delivered and implemented to drive your business forward.

To learn more about how Sage Intacct can help your business, please contact our Sage Intacct Manager, Barry Coyne.