WHO: Yoko Tamai

WHAT: Devoted to helping and supporting the WINGS organization since 2014

ROLES: CDH Assurance Senior, fundraiser and organizer, volunteer coordinator, CDH team leader

DETAILS: Please meet Yoko Tamai who has been dedicated to helping the WINGS organization for almost 5 years. Every year, Yoko encourages CDH employees and the firm to donate school supplies and holiday gifts for WINGS families. She also organizes and coordinates groups of employees to volunteer at WINGS locations. This year, the CDH staff helped WINGS to count their inventory and fill backpacks full of school supplies. Yoko’s good heart and hard work have made many kids very happy over the years. She makes CDH very proud.

WINGS is an Illinois based organization that provides a pathway to independence for people whose lives have been disrupted by domestic violence. The organization welcomes all kinds of support and donations that help to do their important work. CDH’s LEAD initiative is focused on helping women to thrive and is dedicated to give back to local organizations as well as make a difference in our community.

IN HER WORDS… “Working with WINGS gave me a great opportunity to connect with a local organization that supports women and their children as well as to develop my event coordination skills. I just finished the 5th Back to School Program and felt so accomplished. It makes me feel good that CDH is making a difference and supporting the community and individuals whenever I receive Thank You cards from those children who received our donated school supplies.”