Sage Intacct today is a cloud app doing the heavy lifting of mapping transactions to financials so businesses can spend more time analyzing data and making better, faster decisions. Cloud ERP and accounting software represent the beginning of what will transform our world in the near future. Sage Intacct can move your company today from Excel or Quickbooks to a platform that is built to scale and drive key decisions that need to be made sooner, rather than later. See below on how companies will need to adapt in order to survive the future.

Big data, complex algorithms, networks, cloud, and exponential improvements in hardware will change the landscape of many traditional businesses that we utilize today. We are seeing the start of self-driving cars, Amazon Go, Eatsa, and many such applications disrupting traditional people-oriented companies. Every company today needs to ask these key questions and plan for the future.

  • If your business process has a lot of person to person interaction, is this because your customers value it, or because they don’t have an equally efficient digital alternative?
  • Which aspects of your business are most likely to be virtualized in the next 3 – 5 years?
  • If given a choice, which of your customers would prefer a more virtualized interaction?

The future will move away from analysts looking at data trends. It will morph into technology and machine learning making better, faster decisions with a high level of confidence and granularity. Start your move to this future endeavor by moving to the cloud with Sage Intacct.