CDH’s Executive Focus service is equipped to help improve performance of your organization at any stage. In today’s competitive environment, businesses must strive to streamline processes and leverage technology to achieve effective change management. CDH’s Executive Focus combine over 50 years of proven services and capabilities to enable lasting business transformation with sustained results.


How It Works:

We examine operations first as a whole then identify workable solutions to specific problems for areas that require improvement. Our holistic approach analyzes all activities that are fundamental to your company’s performance. You will see the results reflected across your entire organization in a way that grows your business.

  • Sales Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Product Line Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Expense Analysis
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Utilization Analysis

We develop a custom set of business metrics that represents the organization’s function. We focus on Key Performance Indicators that clearly reflect efficiencies and value add capabilities. We conduct monthly executive team meetings facilitated by an experienced CDH business professional that keeps the process alive.

We transform your data into useful information by converting it into easy to understand graphics. This allows everyday users to identify key trends immediately. Our visual performance displays and regular monitoring serves as an early warning system that makes timely adjustment possible and meaningful.


Points to Remember:

CDH’s Executive Focus is not to replace your CFO or Controller. What we provide is a comprehensive management consulting process that covers:

  • Skilled Analysis
  • Outside Objectivity
  • Business Insights and Metrics
  • Management Development
  • Valued Advisor


The Results that You Can Expect to See:

Executive Focus is a proven management consulting service dating back to 1950s. What you are going to see as the results of using Executive Focus are:

  • A better understanding of your business by your team
  • Clearer objectives
  • Constant monitoring of progress toward goals
  • Better internal communications
  • Integration of functional areas within your organization
  • Operational efficiency improvement
  • Improved Profitability
  • Better decision making
  • Well defined action items that hold your management team accountable


We guarantee the results.

If you want to know more about CDH’s Executive Focus, please contact Mr. Dennis Pierce, Director of Executive Focus.