Sage Intacct Partner

In our last postwe explored all the reasons accountants get sick of using QuickBooks, especially as their companies grow and take on more sophisticated accounting requirements. Eventually, users reach a breaking point where QuickBooks hurts accounting more than it helps. That means replacing it with something smarter and stronger doesn’t just add new features to the organization – it removes the largest obstacles facing the accounting department, unleashing efficiency, productivity, innovation, and insight in the process. 

Of course, that depends on replacing QuickBooks with a product that’s a true upgrade, not just another accounting tool. Many users who reach the end of their rope with their introductory software choose to graduate to Sage Intacct – a comprehensive financial management solution designed for SMEs and built to balance accessibility with accounting excellence. 

In practice, Sage Intacct offers countless upgrades over QuickBooks. A few in particular highlight how switching software elevates the entire accounting department and the enterprise as a whole. 

Spreadsheet Free 

Making QuickBooks work for an evolving company often requires endless supplemental spreadsheets. Sage Intacct cuts Excel out of the equation by integrating all financial (and operational) data in one place and offering features to accomplish everything accountants need or want to do. Not surprisingly, efficiency, productivity, and morale all improve once the accounting department retires its spreadsheets. 

Quick Consolidations 

As a product designed for small and new companies, QuickBooks can’t handle higher-level accounting requirements like multi-entity consolidations and revenue recognition. By contrast, Sage Intacct is built for these tasks. It doesn’t just enable them, it optimizes them – consolidating hundreds of entries in seconds. 

Automated Entries 

The older QuickBooks gets, the more manual workarounds it takes to keep the system sustainable. Not with Sage Intacct. Time and labor-intensive workloads like billing that used to occupy accountants for hours now run automatically. That frees up accountants to focus their attention elsewhere and keeps human errors from compromising accounting data. 

Flexible Compliance 

Growing companies moving into new territory, markets, or business models often face expanding compliance requirements – which QuickBooks struggles to adapt to. Sage Intacct is GAAP compliant and audit ready. Whenever and however necessary, companies can evolve their practices to stay compliant and avoid unnecessary fines and penalties. 

Powerful Reporting 

QuickBooks reporting limits users to a few basic templates providing a very narrow view into finance. Sage Intacct takes the opposite track: making it easy for users at all levels to create the reports they need on-demand. It also eliminates the need for much reporting using dashboards that update key metrics in real time. Users have limitless visibility into accounting and finance. 

When you see all that Sage Intacct can do, you might wonder why you didn’t ditch QuickBooks sooner. Make the most of it with the help of CDH Technology Solutions – specialists in Sage Intacct.