In the late 70’s Tandy/Radio Shack, Texas Instruments and Apple had the beginnings of a personal computer. Most were used for gaming and personal empowerment but most business people didn’t see the value add. It was a toy for hobbyists, hackers, and nerds. The tipping point started in Oct, 1979 when a small Boston based software company released VisiCalc, a full blown business/spreadsheet app made for the Apple II.  It was the marriage of engineering and finance, the start of a tsunami of business software development for personal computing devices that continues today.

Financial accounting software has a similar tipping point – a company may start with a basic transaction engine like QuickBooks and use Excel reporting to make business decisions. Over time, a tipping point occurs when a company needs one version of the truth and real time dashboards to “see around the corner”. Companies need to get away from looking at past data and focus on what is happening today or in the near future. Sage Intacct is that solution – real time dashboards by role, custom metrics, and dimensional reporting to make the right decision now.

To learn more about how Sage Intacct can help your business, please contact our Sage Intacct Manager, Barry Coyne.