Lauren Weber, Wall Street Journal wrote a recent article about companies failing to reskill their employees in this age of disruption. Companies can’t assume the “buy, not build” talent strategy because it’s getting more difficult to acquire the necessary skill sets in today’s market. Investing in their current employees has to be part of the overall resource plan. Upskilling is the new buzz word but it also applies to more than just the people side of a company.

Legacy accounting systems, especially desktop apps are ripe for change. Failure to move to a cloud platform like Sage Intacct highlights significant security and key data reporting risks. Older accounting systems don’t have the dashboards or flexible/custom reporting abilities that Sage Intacct can deliver which is a competitive advantage today – knowing real time data points to make faster and better business decisions. Today companies need to upskill their accounting systems to the cloud with Sage Intacct to insure their growth projections and intel requirements are met for the upcoming disruptions of tomorrow.