2029 is the year futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts machines will operate at a human level of intelligence. It’s about 10 years away and whether it happens in 10 or less/more years can be debated, however, massive disruption will come to most business environments. Working along-side a robot may be a reality sooner than later.

The old school IT “garbage in, garbage out” will be replaced by “bias in, bias out” as engineers make key decisions on algorithms that will affect future machine behavior and results. This type of machine engineering bias is new and evolving – what makes sense today may flip 180 in the future.

This is a wake call for companies that are still mired today in old legacy systems or dependent on spreadsheets to run their business. The first stepping stone is moving to the cloud where regular product enhancements can track with the speed of technology.

Sage Intacct is our recommended cloud accounting solution for companies that want to compete in the near future. Moving to Sage Intacct from legacy is very doable since upfront configuration maps out how transactions hit the financials. This kind of custom design is what makes Sage Intacct so powerful as reporting and dashboards reflect a unique footprint by company. This new visibility gives management superior decision making and the times ahead will need it.