Never assume your brand. Recently 3G Capital/Kraft Heinz made news with a $15B write down, drop in stock price of 27% . This is another example of not keeping an ear to the market, solely focusing on cost cutting via zero based budgeting, and missing key signals in the wake of massive disruption. Keeping traditional mind sets, hoping that old line products stay relevant is not going to work anymore. While your ERP/accounting system is not a customer facing entity, it nonetheless helps determine your brand health by addressing problems well in advance, if designed properly.

Sage Intacct is a cloud ERP/accounting solution that can address systemic problems well in advance due to its design that promotes dashboards/KPI’s by role (CEO, CFO, CIO, VP Marketing, VP Sales), alerts, smart rules, and custom reports. The purpose of an ERP/accounting system is to take corrective action based on Sage Intacct insights before it negatively affects your business and ultimately your brand. Sage Intacct can scale to meet your company growth so that more users can track/develop new insights as the business environment becomes more complex, faster moving to prevent a repeat of a Kraft/Heinz scenario.