Every business that has ever attempted to operate internationally has encountered the same obstacle – the world is a huge place. Having headquarters in one location and offices spread around the globe makes it incredibly difficult to manage everything cohesively. All businesses address this challenge differently, but each of them struggles (to some degree) to “keep everyone on the same page.”

At CDH, we understand this struggle intimately because we provide outsourced accounting services to a number of international clients who either have an International presence or are wanting to establish a presence in the U.S.Leveraging the U.S. economy makes perfect sense from a business perspective. From a logistical standpoint, however, managing a remote office can cause a lot of confusion and frustration. Not because the office is poorly run, simply because it’s separate from the head office.

Our team helps companies excel on the international stage by offering comprehensive outsourced accounting services driven by the power of Sage Intacct. Experts consider it a best-in-class financial management solution for many reasons, including the fact that it facilitates multi-entity accounting better than competing financial platforms.

Essentially, multi-entity accounting allows our accountants to integrate all your relevant data on one platform. It may sound like a minor feature, but in practice, it transforms the accounting function and streamlines international business. Here are just a few examples of how Sage Intacct helps globally-focused businesses achieve their goals.

Automate Financial Consolidations

Other financial management solutions allow for multi-entity accounting, yet doing so requires time-consuming manual inputs that take hours (or days) and invite typos into the data. Sage Intacct automatically integrates data from multiple entities, meaning that our accountants spend far less time compiling your data and far more time mining it for insights.

Scale at any Speed

Streamlined multi-entity accounting allows companies to effortlessly add as many new entities as necessary. When growth opportunities appear, our team can quickly add new offices/locations to your accounting workflows. Thanks to the easy scalability of Sage Intacct, you know any data new entities generate is being automatically integrated into the rest of the enterprise.

Refine Decision Making

Effective decision making starts with a full understanding of the facts. However, if accounting data from disparate locations isn’t correctly integrated, it distorts the portrait of enterprise performance. When CDH is using Sage Intacct to automatically integrate important insights, your decision-makers have a clear and complete picture of accounting to act upon at all times.

Refocus Accounting Assets

When automation does the hard work of multi-entity accounting, the outsourced accountants from CDH have more time to focus on ambitious and important projects. Sustaining a global enterprise takes the right balance of courage and caution, and it’s much easier to avoid missteps when the accountants you rely on don’t spend their days on data entry.

In addition to facilitating multi-entity accounting, Sage Intacct empowers users to fully-customize how these entities are defined and integrated. Thanks to that flexibility, this solution is appropriate for a wide range of international businesses of all sizes and across industries. Better still, CDH’s experience with Sage Intacct ensures your accounting function is perfectly calibrated for global growth. Turn your international status into an asset – contact CDH.