Today most accountants consult on traditional services like tax, compilation and audit. The new accounting vision is to become more tech savvy and advise clients on moving away from older/out of date/on-site legacy ERP/accounting systems so they can close the books faster, become more productive, and drive more value to the organization. The biggest obstacle is the status quo or not addressing client legacy system weaknesses as part of this new role. Part of the new mission of the accounting technologist is to educate clients on new cloud platforms like Sage Intacct. We need to provide an enhanced vision on how clients can benefit by moving to cloud Sage Intacct and the next level of performance. Clearly delineating this vision as a trusted entity is a key requirement for the new accounting technology role.  

Artificial intelligence, advanced natural language generation, and machine learning are already disrupting the traditional accounting world. Sage Intacct on the cloud is the beginning of this transformation as the solution for many companies stuck in an older on premise legacy or QuickBooks environment. Older on premise systems pose a significant security risk for data hacks or loss. They also continue to use out dated tools like Access or Excel to supplement reporting weaknesses. We have a responsibility to our clients to advise today more than ever, as business disruption within the next 24-36 months could change client profitability…..updated cloud tools like Sage Intacct begin the new evolutionary process for handling the new competitive business landscape.