The future of work will probably look a lot different than today, especially for the accounting field and other white collar jobs. Accounting firms today may offer tax and audit but will need to become versed in multi-disciplinary expertise like consulting or other related services. No longer will companies want to go from their accountant to their personal 401K adviser, PR agency, etc to finalize things when this could be all under the same company.

Accounting software follows the same trending change – older legacy accounting systems were not designed to be always on or connected. Instead of being able to configure your system on the fly, many older systems require costly, permanent customizations. Sage Intacct is a 100% cloud accounting solution and its’ ability to be configured product is a huge plus for companies that need to scale for future growth. Sage Intacct also has key design elements, “best in breed” approach where it can interface with leading players in the CRM space like Salesforce or tax with Avalara. Real-time visibility with dashboards/KPI’s by role is another key advantage of Sage Intacct. In today’s fast changing culture, the key will be planning for the future and partnering with the right players, like Sage Intacct.